Pubblicato il 15 July 2015, di Webmaster

Patch update 32 for Windows ES7.1 R2 (setup_es7.1_release2_win32).

  • Added polynomial and Delaunay zerowaste transformations.
  • Added the command_line identifier.
  • Fixed an erstwhile crash when copying linestyle and hatchstyle identifiers.
  • Fixed an incorrect error invoked during the execution of consecutive asynchronous httppost commands.
  • Fixed a bug which prohibited use of private methods and properties within inherited .create or .delete event procedure.
  • Fixed a problem in the database.query and channel.query command blocks whereby a request put an unnecessary lock on broker services, thus incorrectly making the service busy for up to a minute.
  • Fixed a poblem in the clump_e function which sometimes produced the wrong answer when multiple top level polygons were involved.
  • Fixed a sometime incorrect setting of multi-text panel values set via the .tvalue attribute.
  • Ensured that \ characters are escaped by the qs function.
  • Enabled the .exec callback in an options panel for initial hits of the return key.

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