Pubblicato il 31 July 2015, di Webmaster

Patch update 25 for Windows ES7.1 R2 (setup_es7.1_release2_win32).

  • Added the circulate command.
  • Fixed problems in the dump command when dumping outlined text.
  • Fixed incorrect data for NF records when dumping to plot meta files via the dump command.
  • Fixed missing text T records for system textstyles when dumping to plot meta files via the dump command..
  • Fixed an erstwhile crash when setting variable array length member object values which overrode class values.
  • Fixed the value_set() function which did not return the correct value (1) for structure members of zero array length which superceded default class member values of non-zero array length.
  • Fixed the inability to provide class values for filter and rule identifiers during class definitions.
  • Fixed rule assignments (e.g. rule rule1 = rule2) which did not copy all rule
  • Revised slightly the listing of type identifiers.
  • Fixed the inability to copy rule identifiers by assignment.
  • Fixed errors in the listing of internal functions.
  • Fixed some access errors for members of user classes.

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