Pubblicato il 4 August 2015, di Luca Spadoni

Patch update 9 for Windows ES7.1 R2 (setup_es7.1_release2_win32).

  • Fixed a problem in the polymerge command where coincident vertex intersections between multiple polygons/holes/islands were sometimes ignored.
  • Lifted the 32×32 pixel restriction on the size of graphic window cursors.
  • Added the max_cursor_size, implementing a user-controllable maximum cursor size.
  • Fixed a problem whereby an error message was written to the monitor log at the end of a session. Writing to the monitor was initiated by the monitor -ch command.
  • Fixed a problem whereby setting .timeonly on a date identifier invoked a timezone miscalculation resulting in an incorrect hour value.
  • Fixed a problem where the value of gc was not always updated correctly between point phrases in a vector block.

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