Pubblicato il 4 August 2015, di Luca Spadoni

Patch update 4 for Windows ES7.1 R2 (setup_es7.1_release2_win32).

  • Fixed a problem in database web-service sessions whereby SQL errors were not catchable in a try/catch block.
  • Fixed a polygon validation problem whereby very thin 3-vertex polygons were incorrectly considered invalid.
  • Fixed a rare corruption in the wpanel command when a panel sub-window was followed by more row/column definitions.
  • Added the automatic adoption of the current proxy settings defined by Control Panel/Internet Options. Previously, proxy settings were defined by either the MXPROXY environment variable or the -proxy program switch.
  • Fixed the failure to invoke window.iconify/deiconify callbacks when window is marked as a master window.
  • Fixed a problem during command stepping where the wrong user rights were assumed when excuting a command, sometimes resulting ina refusal to execute some commands.
  • Added the current proxy settings to the output of the sysdump http command.
  • Added the edgemerge and ebuffer commands.
  • Added a new system identifiers printers(a string array) giving access to the names of all available printers.
  • Renamed the system identifier printer_name to printer.
  • Added new method and property names to the xmlobj component function.
  • Fixed a problem which sometimes allowed the comand dialog to be enabled without a development license.
  • Fixed an identifier inheritance problem which incorrectly issued an illegal access error when accessing a private member from a super class method.

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