Pubblicato il 4 August 2015, di Webmaster

Patch update 23 for Windows ES7 (setup_es7_release1_win32).
This includes patch updates 1 through 22. This brings release 1 up to the level of release 2 (Fire 7.00.34).

  • Fixed the problem in the polymerge and polyclip commands which produced integer overflow errors when compound entities were merged.
  • Fixed entity transformation problems whereby cell entities never got rotated.
  • Fixed entity transformation problems whereby the stretch command with equal x, y and z stretch factors did not uniformly scale entities.
  • Fixed spurious assignment errors and occasional crashes subsequent to errors detected in vector phrases.
  • Fixed the following spurious and incorrect error message during eim sessions: “Invalid eim identifier index”.
  • Fixed the polymerge command for errors which failed to merge some polygons due to failure of some point-in-polygon tests.

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