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Patch update 20 for Windows ES7 (setup_es7_release1_win32).
This includes patch updates 1 through 19.
This brings release 1 up to the level of release 2 (Fire 7.00.30).

  • Fixed a problem where setting the year of a time variable to 2038 sometimes resulted in a crash.
  • Fixed a problem in cloth files where very large images were unviewable due to a memory allocation error.
  • Fixed the failure to recognise proxy server bypass hosts during internet traffic.
  • Fixed a problem in the padjust function which incorrectly issued integer overflow warnings.
  • Fixed the failure to recognise proxy server bypass hosts during internet traffic.
  • Fixed a crash which sometimes occurred when string arrays of different array lengths were compared for equality.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when a non-existent global font was referenced in an instance entity file.
  • Rationalized instance entity file naming to always use forward slashes in the entity.file attribute of instance entities.
  • Fixed a cloth scaling issue for tiling of large images, which rendered images clipped by window images at the wrong scale.
  • Added a Copy option to the context menu of alpha and log windows for cut/paste text operations.
  • Enhanced the # wild character in string matching to match multiple rather than single numeric characters.
  • Fixed the getting/setting of aggregate arrays when accessing array elements starting at element greater than 1. Sometimes the wrong values were set/returned.
  • Added the capability to access/edit tab button text/image/color in tab windows. A new panel type: tab_button has been introduced.
  • Added a new panel window control to show the progress of lengthy operations. A new progress panel type is available for this purpose.
  • Enhanced the download/httpget and httppost commands to allow web fetches to be run asynchronously. A callback can be provided for subsequent processing on completion of the fetch.
  • Added a new transient command to enable graphic elements created in a command block to be deleted automatically on completion of the command block.
  • Enhanced markerstyles to facilitate a new composite markerstyle. Up to 4 individual markerstyles may be combined into a composite.
  • Added a rasgeo function to access geopositional information from an image file.
  • Introduced a try/catch/throw/exception system for enhanced error control within the language.

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