Pubblicato il 4 August 2015, di Webmaster

Patch update 16 for Windows ES7 (setup_es7_release1_win32).
This includes patch updates 1 through 15.

  • Fixed a problem where requests to web services (databases and channels) were sometimes sent to a particular service instance instead of to a free service instance. If the particular service was busy when receiving the request, the request would be queued unnecessarily.
  • Fixed a problem where Fire erroneously reported the reaching of the maximum number logical units when mapping files.
  • Fixed a problem in the polygonize command where the -op switch sometimes caused a crash.
  • Fixed a problem in the polygonize command where a crossover was detected, causing an incorrect failure.
  • Enabled the clicking of the right mouse in log windows to select text as an alternative to the Control C sequence.
  • Added an integrity check on the value of menu_position to prevent pop-up windows appearing offscreen.

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