Pubblicato il 4 August 2015, di Webmaster

Patch update 15 for Windows ES7 (setup_es7_release1_win32).
This includes patch updates 1 through 14.

  • Fixed a problem where the save2d command did not clip polylines or polygon edges correctly.
  • Fix a problem where setting the panel.nvalue or panel.tvalue of an options menu in a table window incorrectly reported an error.
  • Fixed a problem where the box command did not include entities on a window’s overlay group.
  • Fixed a problem where reference to an indirect identifier pointing to a panel in a no-longer-existing-window caused a crash.
  • Fixed a problem where the scalebar in a graphic window was rendered incorrectly at very small (zoomed in) scales.
  • Fixed a problem where window track events interfered with timer functions and unsolicited external eim data packets.
  • Added a performance enhancement to the wdelete -all command.
  • Added a new numeric identifier ginput to enable detection of graphic window input commands and functions during timer and other functions.
  • Added new functionality to the inplines point function to detect crossovers in a polyline.
  • Added a new string function srep to replace character occurrences within a string value.
  • Added 2 new string functions lpad and rpad to prefix/suffix a string value with other string values.
  • Fixed incorrect vectors for the b character in the romancs font.
  • Added missing public C include header files to the distribution in the /mx/include directory.

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