Pubblicato il 4 August 2015, di Webmaster

Patch update 8 for Windows ES7 (setup_es7_release1_win32).
This includes patch updates 1 through 7.

  • Fixed the failure to create bold fonts correctly when weight > 700 was defined.
  • Fixed the erstwhile misalignment of text baselines when displaying text entities in a graphic window using system fonts.
  • Permit text blobs and library archive files to be acceptable for display in a web window.
  • Fixed a problem where autotext definitions without a defined textstyle were rendered with incorrect text height and justification.
  • Added the ability to define the text location point and leader lines in an autotext definition.
  • Fixed incorrect layer.label_thresholds initialization, which by default suppressed autotext display.
  • Fixed an infinite loop when rendering a scalebar in a graphic window for lat/long projections with silly window extents.
  • Added the *.ident_name generic member to provide access to the identifier name pointed to by an indirect/generic identifier.

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