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Patch update 3 for Windows ES7 R2 (setup_es7_release2_win32).
Includes Patches 1 and 2.

  • Fixed a problem in the polygonize command whereby some polygons which were totally enclosed by cut vectors were omitted from the result.
  • Fixed the corrupt display of table values when scrolling through a table window.
  • Fixed a crash during the display of analog clock panels.
  • Fixed missing image repaints in scrolling display windows. *Fixed a problem where assigning an alpha transparency to a node entity with an image markerstyle resulted in a program crash.
  • Fixed a problem where attempting to abort multiple asynchronous download commands (which were in a wait state) resulted in an abort of only one of them.
  • Changed the policy for the Windows Fire Plugin for Windows. It no longer resides in the same file hierarchy as the standard version, but is now always installed and referenced in a “Common Documents” folder, e.g. c:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents, derived from a system registry entry. Consequently the registry entries PluginRoot and PluginVersion are no longer set or used.
  • Changed the policy for user directories. Unless otherwise defined, MXTEMPDIR, MXCACHE and MXLOGS are assumed to be the Xmarc/tmp, Xmarc/cache and Xmarc/logs directories respectively within the user data directory: %APPDATA% on Windows, or $HOME on Unix.
  • When creating new directories, the order for checking directory existence in a file path have been reversed. This system is used by the download and mkdir commands. Functionally, this involves no change.
  • Fixed a problem in the writefile command whereby lines ending with \ continuation characters were treated as wraparound lines.
  • Fixed a problem in the polygonize command whereby holes untouched by cut vectors resulted in top-level polygons being added to the result.
  • Fixed a problem in the srep function which returned a zero-length string array if the first parameter was an empty string value.
  • Fixed a problem when printing or listing group arrays which only processed the first group in the array.
  • Fixed a problem which sometimes corrupted the layer order of a graphic window when setting the value of window.group_order.
  • Fixed the markerstyle command which did not handle correctly hotspot values which were negative or > 255.
  • Fixed a cell entity rendering problem where sometimes the last column (or row ) of pixels of an image file was omitted.
  • Fixed a cell entity rendering problem where cell entities with a defined hotspot or justification were rendered incorrectly, ignoring the hotspot/justification.
  • Enhanced the clash/clump algorithm for glabel entities with the result that the full text is now considered rather than just the control position.

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