Pubblicato il 4 August 2015, di Webmaster

Patch update 1 for Windows ES7 R2 (setup_es7_release2_win32).

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to assign beyond the bounds of the array window.annotation_layer.group_order.
  • Fixed a problem in the exclude and include commands whereby specifiying multiple groups in the first parameter resulted in only the first group being processed.
  • Fixed a problem in the clump_e function which sometimes did not return the correct value when the clumping entity (a polygon containing holes) was applied to a polygon.
  • Fixed a problem in the polygonize command which sometimes failed when invalid cut vectors formed new holes.
  • Fixed the inability to access some elements of the exception.trace string array.
  • Prevented unnecessary window redraws invoked when windows were moved/resized when the Windows window-manager option Display Settings/Appearance/Effects/Show window contents while dragging was checked on.
  • Added a new line_offset_factor setting to autotext definitions with a line_position of T or B to specify an offset for text drawn parallel to polylines.
  • Make allowance for the xmservice parameter in FireRender registration urls. This is a change to system/etc/mxsystem.mxa.

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